We are always on the lookout for exciting problems to work on across any industry or geography.

We build and grow startups from the ground up. We identify opportunities, test viability, and form a team to execute.

—Our Start-ups



Pagevamp is the easiest and fastest way for small businesses to create and manage a professional website that amplifies their presence online and drives their business.

Pagevamp automates website creation by connecting with a small business’s Facebook Page, extracting it’s content and data, and in just a few seconds, automatically designing a beautiful and powerful small business website.

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—In the Pipeline

Below are a few of the sectors where we are actively exploring and testing business concepts for launch in the near future.

Media tech

The growth of social media platforms has changed the way consumers discover and consume news, forcing publishers to explore new business models beyond advertising. We want to help publishers make this transition.

Tourism tech

Backend management for travel agencies is often very messy, with existing management software in this space being outdated and clunky. We see an opportunity to modernize this software with improved design and more thoughtful functionality.

Cloud Computing

While cloud based software is becoming mainstream, the DevOps skill set required to implement today’s cloud software best practices is in low supply. We want to make DevOps more accessible.