Community Homestay, a recipient of the Booking.com Booster Award on Sustainable Tourism, is a platform that connects primarily women-operated, community-based homestays in Nepal to travelers looking to experience Nepal through the eyes of locals.

the challenge

When Community Homestay (CHS) approached us, they were using a recycled tech stack built for another company. This lead to many inefficiencies and a serious amount of technical debt. CHS also faced certain business challenges they hoped to resolve through tech, for example, travel agents from all over the world were making bookings through their platform, but there was a lack of booking distribution to individual homestays, which meant that homestay members were benefiting unequally. CHS tasked us with redesigning their tech architecture and stack, while also fixing their major business inefficiencies by improving their platform.

our approach

Our process began with a series of interviews with each CHS platform stakeholder: admins, agents, CHS managers...etc. From this research, we learned their daily activities and challenges with the platform. We then formulated strategies to address their core challenges through platform improvements. We resolved their technical debt by completely redesigning their tech architecture and system. We designed and built a round robin technology to ensure bookings on the platform are distributed to homestays by income, so that all homestays get equal access to benefits in alignment with CHS’s mission.

Services Provided
  • Development Consulting
  • Interface Design
  • Software Architecture Design
  • Software Development
  • Website Development
  • Quality Assurance
Community homestay screens
Community homestay tablet


15 minutes saved per booking

Travel agents can now book homestays and experiences directly through CHS, saving them 15 minutes on every booking, which would have previously been spent on email interactions. The CHS team saves 10 minutes per booking managing agent bookings.

3x increase in direct bookings

Direct user bookings through the website have improved by 3X since website optimizations have gone live.

90% decrease in support requests

Support requests on direct booking related issues have decreased by 90% since we implemented payment flow improvements.

Community homestay mobile
Community homestay icons

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