We offer a positive and collaborative environment, and the opportunity to work on a diverse set of challenges across the globe.

If you are excited about what we’re building at Outside, we’re excited to meet you. See below to get a sense of what we’re looking for.

characteristics we value

Excellent communication and transparency

We look for individuals who are comfortable communicating and sharing honestly with their team, even regarding difficult or tense matters.

Desire to grow and learn

We are excited by individuals who don’t simply settle into their roles and responsibilities, but rather are constantly seeking new skills and opportunities for growth, both for the company and themselves personally.

Flexibility and versatility

The needs of the company can at times be unpredictable. We value an individual’s ability to work across a diverse set of challenges, and be comfortable with a shift in responsibility on a moment's notice.

Emotional intelligence

Both the team and the customer are people. Across the board, we value individuals who are people-centric and can empathize and collaborate with people from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences.

Team player

We look for individuals who value the growth of the team just as much as their personal growth, and will elevate the level of those who surround them.