about us

We are a close team of technologists and creatives with a shared passion for solving difficult problems and making a positive impact on our community.

We proudly call beautiful Kathmandu home, but our mindset and footprint are global.

Outside's Mission

At Outside we build quality digital products and services for a global audience. It is our mission to think and build beyond borders, take pride in our products, invest in our teams, and empower our community.

Why Kathmandu?

Kathmandu is very personal to us. Two of our cofounders were born and raised here. It’s a colorful city full of energy and chaos, while also maintaining a certain serenity to it with its historic temple complexes and impressive Himalayan Mountain backdrop. There’s a lot to love.

Despite having a growing pool of ambitious, entrepreneurial talent, there are significant infrastructural obstacles that have hindered Kathmandu’s ability to emerge as a technology hub for South Asia. With this context, we see an amazing opportunity to make a positive impact on the local community of builders by investing head first in Kathmandu’s potential despite its challenges.

our impact

We think organizations should decide to work and partner with Outside on the basis of our amazing team and excellent work.

That said, independently of our work, partners can feel good about having chosen Outside, because of our underlying motivation for community impact.

Providing exciting employment opportunities locally

We are providing high-paying creative opportunities in a supportive and progressive work environment, which we hope can give reason for ambitious and talented Nepalis to stay local.

Improving Kathmandu's tech brand, from outsourcing to innovation hub

Kathmandu's tech scene is often seen as a hidden, low-cost back-office for foreign companies needing outsourcing. We don’t see this as ideal or inevitable. We want to reverse the trend by making Kathmandu the birthplace of exciting products and services that provide value across the planet.

Investing in and supporting Kathmandu’s talent pool of builders

We host events, speakers, and workshops to empower the community of builders with skills, knowledge, and inspiration, whether or not they choose to stay in Kathmandu or take their talents abroad.